Leverage power of the ‘new’ economy with MIMO

MIMO provides scalable and adaptive technology-based operational services to help consumers with day-to-day operations and to enable consistent corporate growth. 

TraQiQ’s distribution software, TraQSuite, enables MIMO to provide access to services across industry verticals at various remote geographical locations in India that face challenges in implementation due to high costs of operations.

MIMO's Tech Advantage for a great service experience

Architected for seamless integration with existing systems.

Extensive reach of over 3500 unique pin codes nation-wide, with quick and real-time data updates.

A robust mobile wallet and ‘last mile’ delivery software offers a comprehensive solution for all your transaction needs.

Our innovative strategies promote financial inclusion by enabling unbanked customers easy access to services.

services Powered with Technology

About MIMO

MIMO inherently disrupts the traditional supply chain by engaging task associates across the country to fuel the development and advance of a ‘gig’ economy. MIMO Technologies proposes a framework to unlock long-term value from rural markets and become a high-performance business. 

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Learn how MIMO can help your business and workforce to earn and grow.

TraQiQ, Inc. is a Global Technology company with a suite of products designed to identify customers, facilitate payments, and fulfill transactions.



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