Technology for Innovators

The three cloud levels — SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS — enable enterprises to move faster with apps. Enterprises are supported along the process with SaaS, which is meant for end-users and supplied directly over the web, and IaaS, which provides developers with a multitude of unique cloud services to build and run apps with no infrastructure setup effort.

Now that organizations can use cloud-based platforms instead of hefty infrastructure, the challenge for IT departments isn’t “How can we design this app?” It’s “what kind of cloud can provide us with the best support while we create this app?”

Finding the proper app development cloud provider is a critical component of the development process, one that can easily set the tone for — and influence — the rest of the development process.

Establishing a global footprint

TraQiQ offers digital solutions to help large corporations across the world serve their customers better. TraQiQ’s cutting-edge FinTech and AI-driven solutions have been deployed with leading multi-national customers around the world and are helping to increase customer loyalty, improve profitability and drive efficient financial transactions.

‘The Cloud’

With emerging technologies set to take over business operations around the world, Cloud tech is at the forefront of this transformation.

A well-planned and implemented shift to cloud-based solutions can provide a major competitive edge. TraQiQ can assist you in developing an effective strategy for your organization’s migration to cloud-based services and solutions by providing tools such as TraQiQ’s document digitization platform (TraQData), breakthrough AI solutions, and so on.

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