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Digital Transformation

Is your organization ‘Digitally Ready’? With the rise of emerging tech, organizations are leveraging these technologies to optimize their business operations and increase overall efficiency. Paving the way for an automated and digitally connected world, TraQiQ’s robust ‘Digital Transformation’ strategy can help you kick-start your ‘transformation’ journey and facilitate growth for your organization.

Business Agility

Agile software methodologies have become a necessity rather than a luxury for most organizations. It focuses on collaboration and a vision to create a better product for your business. With powerful AI solutions and analysis of current market trends, our ‘digital transformation’ team at TraQiQ can help you migrate to popular Agile methodologies and develop a more efficient and effective product.

Content management

TraQiQ can help in building the right content strategy, content management, and services for a variety of needs. The company has built a variety of content platforms for needs as diverse as blogging, enterprise content management, and learning management systems. TraQiQ can help with the process of producing, managing, and distributing content. Building the right workflow, content repositories and analytics/targeting can help build the optimal user experience and provide drive results.

Enterprise Mobility

TraQiQ offers native and cross-platform mobile application development services. This includes targeted solutions for industry segments like insurance, e-commerce, payments, and supply chain. TraQiQ’s mobile experts can help with business analysis, UX, development. integration as well as multi-platform (and multi-device) support. The experts can help with performance/scalability as well as building out eye-catching experiences that lead to successful mobile app deployments.

Supply chain and Logistics

The digital era offers a variety of challenges and opportunities for all companies. The ability to transact with the customer, deliver the product, and service the product is important. These activities must be done in a seamless, responsive, and cost-efficient manner. TraQiQ offers the TraQSuite product. In addition, the company offers a variety of services to architect, build and integrate innovative solutions for the supply chain and logistics segments. TraQiQ has been an active player in these segments for over 5 years.

Payment and Settlement solutions

TraQiQ has been in the Payments and settlements business for over 10 years. This business unit offers several payment products under the TraQSuite umbrella. In addition, TraQiQ has designed and built custom payment solutions for clients around the world. The team has experience working with a variety of fund flows (incoming and outgoing), creating/managing wallets, and settlement modules to reconcile, report and audit.

Enterprise Application, Development and Integration

Enterprise application development is becoming more agile and collaborative, with IT working to build apps with both internal business teams and external agencies with a better understanding and addressing end-user needs. New data necessitates new approaches to enterprise app development in this age of connected customers. TraQiQ empowers you to create data-driven applications that make a difference.

Business Analytics and Intelligence

TraQiQ offers a range of business intelligence and analytics solutions that can help you see beyond raw data. Our experts work with a variety of third-party tools to help with data preparation, mining, management, and visualization. TraQiQ can help in building the right dashboards for AI-based decision-making tools or build real-time systems that monitor data feeds. Insights from this data can be used to improve customer experience, resulting in better business operations, and provide the right target audience for marketing initiatives.