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At TraQiQ, we assist in optimizing your customer relationships. Kringle takes a data-driven approach to help you understand your customer better. With Kringle’s versatile and scalable APIs and platform integrations, you can customize loyalty & reward programs that suit your company’s and customer’s needs.

The Kringle Solution: Easily integrate your entire
e-commerce tech stack with Kringle

Kringle is a next-generation Customer Loyalty Platform that includes ready-to-use functionality for both online and offline interactions with your target audience. Kringle integrates with all major e-commerce platforms, allowing us to pull crucial back-end data like inventory levels, product variants, and multi-currency information.

Leverage the Power of Your CUSTOMER DATA.

Bring your Loyalty Program to Life with GAMIFIED CAMPAIGNS.

Increase Customer Engagements and DRIVE REVENUE.

Build a Data-Driven Loyalty Program that Rewards CUSTOMER ACTION.

Use Machine Learning Algorithms to Accurately Target Customers by Their PATTERNS.

Measure Performance in REAL-TIME.

Key Features

A 360-DEGREE VIEW OF THE CUSTOMER Interact with a single, consistent profile of the customer.

OMNICHANNEL TRACKING Keep track of any form of transaction, whether it’s online or offline, from one or multiple merchants.

SEGMENTATION Populate relevant content based on your customer’s purchasing history and behavior.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Use Kringle’s exclusive machine learning algorithms to discover new behavior patterns and audiences, hence increasing your revenue.

About Kringle

A simple but powerful Digital Customer Engagement Platform is the driving force behind the reward programs we create for some of the world’s largest brands. Our goal is to make shopping more fun for our clients by providing them with unique shopping experiences no matter where they are. We empower merchants to create 1:1 tailored retail experiences across every consumer touchpoint, including contactless mobile payment solutions for offline and online companies, by combining powerful AI technology and human intelligence to the omnichannel retail journey.

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