Attract new customers with a single wallet platform

Atráiga Nuevos Clientes Con Una Única Plataforma De Billetera

Proporcione a sus clientes algo más que otra forma de pago. Una billetera única robusta permite a los usuarios administrar y controlar las finanzas a través de una plataforma convergente.

Now they can virtually store and use financial assets including G2P, B2P, welfare, salary, cards and micro banking like loans and insurance.

Build to scale

Construya A Escala

Drive revenue growth while keeping costs to a minimum.

Introduzca rápidamente nuevos productos y servicios con tecnología robusta que brinde agilidad y flexibilidad para administrar, modificar y optimizar las operaciones a medida que crece su negocio.

End-to-end payment and commerce solution

Solución De Pago Y Comercio De Extremo A Extremo

From back-end payment processing to a front-end digital wallet, TraQiQ offer the solutions MFS and payment service providers need in order launch and scale business.

Collect, Integrate and Analyze Data

Collect, Integrate and Analyze Data

Handling and storing paper files manually is time consuming and prone to errors.

TraQData Document digitization platform is a faster and more secure method where a business can transform paper files into digital data.

Document digitization helps to remove issues like delays in document retrieval or file misplacement. Don’t let data challenges restrict your business’ progress. Digitize your data, transform your business.

  • Handwritten Data to Digital Data.
  • Build and Collect data in Minutes.
  • Data Collection Apis to Integrate with your existing Apps.

Tank Monitoring

Tank Monitoring

Check liquid levels. Schedule deliveries.

Get fuel and/or liquid tanks volumes remotely with automatic alerts and real-time reporting.

Optimize delivery dates and amounts using workflow capabilities.

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring

Reduce spoilage and compliance costs.

Set alerts for your refrigerated and/or climate controlled equipment.

Standardize report intervals for temperature, humidity, light, pressure and more.

Critter Trap Monitoring

Critter Trap Monitoring

Receive trap activations remotely.

Service more customer accounts and reduce PCO trap check trips with SMS/Email alerts when live trap doors close and motion is detected.