Ajay Sikka

Chairman and CEO

Ajay has 20+ years’ experience working with Enterprise Software & Services companies. He has been part of multiple new ventures – both startup, and building new businesses inside large enterprise companies. In addition, he has led M&A transactions, run business and engineering teams across the world and build path-breaking new business models.  

Most recently, Ajay was running OmniM2M, an IoT company and Ci2i Services, an analytics focused consulting company. Earlier, he has spent significant time at Microsoft and other large technology companies.  

He provides strategic guidance, helps in building Global alliances, and architecting Product roadmaps.  

He is very active in supporting startups in the Seattle area and in India.


Lloyd T. Spencer

Corporate Vice President & Secretary

Lloyd Spencer, is a member of our Board and was appointed to our Board and as our Vice President and Secretary on July 19, 2017. From September 20, 2007 to the present, Mr. Spencer has also served as President and CEO of Open Road Shipping, Inc., formerly known as CoroWare, whose business is currently in a state of transition. From October 2004 to June 2006, Mr. Spencer was a co-founder and President of CoroWare, Inc., a Washington State private company that was acquired by Innova Holdings, Inc., which is now known as Open Road Shipping, Inc. From July 2006 until present, Mr. Spencer has served in multiple position in CoreWare, Inc. From June 2002 to September 2004, Mr. Spencer was Vice President of Sales at Planet Technologies, a systems integration company based in Germantown, MD. From November 1996 to August 2001, Mr. Spencer was Solutions Unit Manager and Group Product Manager at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington. Prior to Microsoft, Mr. Spencer served as Assistant Vice-President and Business Unit Manager at Newbridge Networks; and Product Line Manager at Sun Microsystems. Mr. Spencer began his career as a software development engineer at Hewlett-Packard Corporation in Cupertino, California. Mr. Spencer received his Bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in 1980 with a major in Biology and Animal Science and with an emphasis in Immunogenetics. 



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