Payment and Settlement Solutions

‘Mobile Wallets: The Future of Payments’?

Mobile wallets have gradually evolved from being a niche payment method for digitally-savvy consumers to a mainstream payment method. As consumers become more proficient with various technologies, payments through mobile wallets will be the new future.

The world has changed. Are your fraud controls still relevant?

The current financial crisis and recession have made fraud more prevalent as compared to normal periods of economic growth. Not only can analytics tools enhance rule-based testing methods, but they can also help measure performance to standardize and help fine-tune controls for the detection and prevention of fraud.

How can TraQiQ help?

Our experts work with a variety of third-party tools to help with data preparation, mining, management, and visualization. Insights from this data can be used to improve customer experience, resulting in better business operations, and provide the right target audience for marketing initiatives. Our range of business intelligence and analytics solutions powered by tools like ML and AI can help detect and prevent fraudulent transactions.

TraQiQ: Shaping the future of digital payments.

TraQiQ offers digital solutions to help large corporations across the world serve their customers better. A robust mobile wallet enables users to manage and control finances through a convergent platform where they can virtually store and use financial assets. TraQiQ also offers solutions that payment service providers need to launch and scale their businesses.

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