Form Builder

Avoid the inevitable wait for a developer. Build a form, customize the design and go live in minutes.

Responsive Forms

Let people fill in forms from anywhere and on any device.

Drag and Drop

  • Build beautiful online forms without any coding knowledge.
  • Media Files
  • Give users the capabilities to collect media files (Audio, Video and Images).

Save & Resume

Give people the opportunity to save a form and return later.

Conditional Logic

Allow users to skip irrelevant form questions and save time.

Data Collection

Safely collect the data you need to get business done, and pull out key insights to make better decisions for your organization.

Field Validation: Format fields to get the right information the first time.

File Uploads & Geo tagging

Easily collect documents, files, photos, music, and more.


Export your data in CSV and Excel format.

Mobile Apps

Access your forms on your Android and iOS.

Partial Submissions

See the data someone entered before clicking away from your form.

API & Webhooks

Create custom form integrations with our open API.


Track your form from where it has filled.

Sharable link

Create sharable link to collect data from the public to do online surveys from your portal or app.

Data Routing

Route collected form data to the right people and departments.


Collaborate on information with your team and create streamlined workflows to reduce stress and boost efficiency.


Quickly approve, deny or comment on submitted data.

Multiple Users

Invite your boss and coworkers to join your account and give them editing and sharing access.

User Permissions

Organize your forms each department and set permissions for who has access.

Offline Data Submission

Whether they’re at a conference or out in the field, give your users the power to collect Offline data submissions from the comfort of their mobile device.