Powering Digital Transformation with Analytics

TraQSuite analyses customers’ omnichannel behavior and by using leading data analytic tools and AI models for commerce, it can deliver real-time, automated, and targeted recommendations with personalized content across all customer touchpoints.

It enables you to build a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your customer. It also allows you to provide the right service at the appropriate time.

Customer Fulfillment

TraQiQ offers premier AI-powered solutions for the world’s top e-commerce retailers which identify digital transformation strategies needed by companies to serve their customers better, and trends that could have an impact on their business.

A route optimization solution, powered by AI and ML, can make logistics operations more efficient, resulting in cost reduction, improved customer experience, and better resource management.

24/7 customer support

By adopting AI-powered chatbots, our clients and partners can claim to always being available for their customers. These bots can enable you to reduce the human footprint of your customer support division, saving time and resources.

Customer analytics can assist in identifying new opportunities, analyze customer behavior, buying patterns, and preferences which can help in improving experiences for the customer and result in a higher customer retention rate.

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