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Cash Collection I TraQSuite

Optimize Cash Collection Process with TraQSuite

Solution built for your unique requirements 

A simple solution built in with the requisite workflow. 


  • Efficient Cash Centralization: Streamline and centralize your cash collection process for enhanced efficiency and control. 
  • Bank Statement Reconciliation: Simplify the reconciliation of collected cash with your bank statements, reducing errors and saving time. 
  • Automated Processes: Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming tasks. Our software eliminates the need for large settlement teams, excel spreadsheets, and manual data entry. 
  • Cost Savings: By automating settlements and transactions, you can significantly reduce operational costs and increase your bottom line.
Fast Cash Collection I TraQSuite

Mastering Successful Cash Collection & Loan Recovery

Empowering Agents, Delighting Customers

Step 1: Efficient Task Dispatch

Cash collection tasks are efficiently dispatched to dedicated agents with crucial customer details, including names, contact numbers, and the specified payment amounts. 

Step 2: Agent On-Site Engagement

The diligent collection agents promptly embark on their visits to the customer’s location, equipped with the necessary information. 

Step 3: Seamless Customer Payments

Customers effortlessly fulfill their payment obligations, ensuring the smooth progression of the process. 

Step 4: Comprehensive Transaction Recording

Collection agents meticulously record all pertinent transaction details, whether cash payments, digital transactions, or any other necessary information. Each task is diligently completed. 

Step 5: Real-Time Collection Insights

The real-time collection report, providing invaluable insights into the process, is readily available on our user-friendly app, ensuring transparency and efficiency every step of the way. 

Security in TraQSuite for Cash Collection

Secure Cash Collection I TraQSuite

Cash Collection Software for Every Industry

TraQSuite: Vertical Specific Tailored Cash Collection Solution for Efficient Backend Operations

Cash Collection in Banking Sector I TraQSuite


Banks rely on efficient cash collection for liquidity management for timely collection of loan repayments, ensuring they can meet customer withdrawals and financial commitments.

Cash Collection in Finance Sector I TraQSuite


Effective cash collection in the finance sector is integral to proficiently managing client assets, executing investment strategies, and fulfilling various financial service obligations.

Cash Collection in Micro Finance Sector I TraQSuite


Microfinance institutions need efficient cash collection to sustain their working capital, enabling them to extend loans and to maintain financial stability, risk mitigation, and timely repayments.

Cash Collection in Insurance Sector I TraQSuite


Cash collection supports risk management by avoiding delays in premium collection contributes to respond promptly to policyholder claims and ensuring the continued viability of their operations.

Cash Collection in Retail Sector I TraQSuite


In retail, cash collection often occurs at the point of sale (POS) through various payment methods, including cash, credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets. Also, for options like layaway or installment payments for larger purchases.

Cash Collection in Real Estate Sector I TraQSuite

Real Estate

Real estate professionals, such as property managers and mortgages, collect rent payments from tenants. Payments may be made by check, electronic bank transfers, or online rent payment platforms.

Cash Collection in Manufacturing Sector I TraQSuite


Often extended credit terms by manufacturers, allows customers to pay for goods after delivery. In such cases, invoices shared with customers are expected to be paid within an agreed-upon timeframe for which a tracking of individual accounts is required.

Cash Collection in Distributive Services Sector I TraQSuite

Distributive Services

In the distributive services industry, cash collection maintains working capital, supports prompt supplier payments, aids debt management, optimizes inventory control, and enhances operational efficiency.

Seamless Integration with TraQSuite

Enhance Your Customer Experience and Streamline Operations

Integrations I TraQSuite

Transform your operations and elevate customer satisfaction with TraQSuite’s integration solutions. TraQSuite offers robust API integrations to streamline your operations and provide a frictionless experience for your customers.


Here’s how our integration options can benefit your business: 



  • Well-Defined APIs: Access APIs for core functions such as task creation, cancellation, and task status inquiries, ensuring efficient task management. 


  • Webhooks Functionality: Receive real-time updates in your core systems, facilitating quick decision-making and process optimization. 


  • Smart Forms API Provisioning: Fetch and display product information seamlessly through API provisioning at the Smart Forms level, enhancing customer interactions.

Impact on Your Business


Improved Cash Flow


Reduced Operating Costs


Reduced Bad Debt

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