Paving the Way for a Better Future in Latin America and the Caribbean

Digital Payments have become an indispensable part of the economies in Latin America and the Caribbean and has created many business opportunities for budding and established companies. Statistics indicate that nearly 70% of the adult population in Latin America is either unbanked or underbanked and this sector represents a market of approximately$34 billion per year. This presents a huge opportunity for the global banking industry which has seen only moderate growth during recent times. 

There are two major types of companies that will benefit from this digital boom: FinTech enterprises that have a sizeable presence in the region, and small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who are able to leverage the advantages of mobile banking and payments. FinTech solutions enable SMBs to reach customers in rural areas and offer cost-effective solutions to customers as compared to traditional banking services. 

Some of the key challenges that SMBs may have to overcome to capitalize on this market are:

If these challenges can be overcome, business opportunities in the region for companies will be huge. At a more technical level, the focus on tokenization in digital payment systems could be the key to growth in the region as it will allow companies and banks to adopt similar systems worldwide. 

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