Has the Last Mile Revolution Changed the Supply Chain Forever?

Consumer demands and expectations are increasing, and the last mile revolution has enabled businesses to provide goods and services to the end consumer as quickly as possible. 

Let us have a closer look at how the last-mile revolution is affecting and transforming the supply chain. A few trends which are having a positive impact in the industry are mentioned below: 

Speedy resolution of deliverables:

The prime objective of the last mile delivery is to deliver the package to consumers as quickly as possible. This is pushing companies to develop and sustain a delivery eco-system that is efficient and effective. 

Employing effective tech tools for tracking:

Emerging technologies like IoT and even AI are playing a crucial role in the success rate of last-mile logistics. Now, it is easier to track your shipment with smart technologies at your disposal. 

Data Analytics reduces last-mile logistics costs:

With the amount of data at a company’s disposal, analytics allows supply chain entities to isolate the cost-impacting factors across all shipments and provides a solution for its optimization.

Increased Profitability:

Last-mile delivery software boosts productivity, optimizes delivery routes, scales your business, enhances consumer satisfaction which in turn increases consumer retention. All these factors combined increase the profitability of your business.

Streamlined and flexible delivery options:

The last-mile delivery solution automates repetitive tasks thereby saving on time, money, and energy. Flexible delivery options allow consumers to change the time and location of delivery thereby increasing customer satisfaction. 

Exciting things are happening in last-mile logistics, and the level of technology leveraged to push the frontiers of last-mile delivery is growing in complexity and scope. Is your organization prepared to handle the rising demand for more last-mile logistics deliveries by consumers? 

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