Work From Home Initiatives Take Centre Stage During COVID-19

With most organizations grappling with harsh COVID-19 lockdowns, the work from home option is playing a major role in ensuring that services continue uninterrupted. With rapid advancements in connectivity over the past 5 years, technology has ensured that ordinary workflow is not obstructed. 

With lockdown restrictions gradually being eased, most employees are looking forward to getting back to their offices, however, many multinational corporations like Google, Facebook etc. still have their finger on the safety button allowing employees to work from home for most of 2021. Even mid-capped and smaller companies are enjoying this flexibility and keeping their operational options open. 

Many online platforms like Zoom, Webex and Microsoft Teams have gained prominence, and even old-age applications like Skype have seen a resurgence during these times. These applications have made communication easier, more secure, and easily available to employees. 

Work from Home is widely considered to be a containment option to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Although the virus caught most companies off-guard, they responded with tact and speed and the WFH initiative has proven to be highly productive and resulted in lower operational costs. It has also given much insight into the world of remote working and how technology can be used to leverage the smooth functioning of multinationals during a crisis. 

Organizations have seen a major boost in morale with employees enjoying flexible schedules, custom working environments, etc. Productivity has increased with fewer office distractions and increased focus on the job at hand. Time and money saved on commuting is another reason for employees to rejoice. Staying indoors also means more time with loved ones or simply getting some quiet time for yourself. 

One could always argue that the grass is always greener on the other side, but with cases rising every day, 2021 may not see companies rushing to return to pre-COVID work models. 

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