Customized and Affordable Software Development

Your business needs transformation through an effortless software development service. We adapt to innovative and data-driven approaches to develop custom software to aid your business. 

Approach and Process

TraQiQ deploys standard techniques to develop custom software for clients. We have worked for multiple industries, and our team is well-versed with the industry-specific requirements of your business. As a result, TraQiQ provides a competitive advantage to your business. In addition, the software leverages a technological revolution that aids your company in automating tasks and improving efficiency.

Surveys and Analysis

Developing Innovative Ideas

Design and Prototype


Quality assessment & Testing

Support and Maintenance

Software for Different Industries

Our team is well-versed en developing software for different industries. Therefore, we can offer custom software development services for the following sectors. 

Enterprise Resource Management (ERP)

Automate and optimize your resource planning and management with our top-quality enterprise resource management software.

Customer Relationship Management

Know your customers better with our CRM software and improve the customer experience to enhance brand value and revenue.

Supply Chain Management

Develop a high-quality supply chain management system for flawless business performance. A systematic supply chain is a key to your business’s success.

Knowledge and Productivity

We build software for knowledge and productivity for schools, colleges, and corporate training institutions.

Financial Management

Obtain a custom financial management system for your business with TraQiQ at the most affordable cost.


Our team develops custom software to protect your server computer from cyber-attacks or threats.

Customized Reconciliation Software

Our customized reconciliation software will improve your business transaction management and tax calculations.

Back Office Digitization

Digitize your business’s back office to improve data management and overall business performance. We develop custom software to automate your business’s back office. 

Types of Services

MVP & Prototype Development

Fast-track your project launch and reduce costs with MVP Development Services. Optimize your path to a successful product launch by partnering with our world-class MVP & Prototype development services.

Dedicated Team

TraQiQ has a dedicated team of well-trained and committed developers. We analyze the business requirements and develop products accordingly. You can also contact us to revamp your existing product.

Blockchain, IOT & Machine Learning

We leverage the emerging Blockchain technology to ensure smooth working modalities spotlighting precision and mechanization. Discover how we can help your business create secure decentralized applications.

Mobile & Web Apps

Do you need applications for handheld devices to perform specific tasks? Try our professional mobile and web app development to obtain custom mobile and web applications that suit your requirements.

SaaS Product Development

TraQiQ’s mature SaaS developers are ready to implement even your boldest ideas. Get in touch with our team to discuss your SaaS project and learn more about the next steps to launching cooperation.

Cloud Migration & Services

Cloud applications are easy to operate and accessible from different platforms. Develop top-notch applications on the cloud with our team and increase the efficiency of your business with the help of our cloud migration & services.

Speak to our Experts

TraQiQ has worked for multiple companies since the beginning of its professional journey. Our team is enthusiastic about obtaining challenging projects and working on them according to capacitación client‘s requirements. 

Rely on TraQiQ for Long-Term Software Revolution

We have a dedicated team to render custom software development services that bring a software revolution to your business. Our commitment is to analyze your business’s unique challenges and overcome them with custom software. As a result, our service improves business efficiency and revenue with precision. 

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