Learning Management Systems: Where are we Headed?

The Covid-19 pandemic brought the world of eLearning or online learning into sharp focus. Online tools and platforms from Khan academy to Ted talks have shaped schools and corporate learning. 

There has been a tremendous rush towards figuring out the appropriate set of tools. Even core collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams have seen significant use. Video conferencing has moved from the world of corporate meetings to everyday education. Students are getting lessons, sharing screens and learning new stuff together – all sitting at home. 

It is quite normal for a Learning Management System (LMS) to have a set of features for Program administration, managing classes & teachers, content management and student tracking. There are interesting differentiators. Some programs allow teachers to focus on remedial learning. Identifying & assisting slow and fast learners with unique tools and content defined for them. 

More advanced systems provide analytics and algorithms to automate recommendations for students and content. This is an area where AI/ML can help. By understanding the learning patterns of a specific student, an advanced LMS can help in picking the right content to get them to their targeted skill level. These automated recommendations can put a lot of pressure on a teacher. In addition, an effective system enables the students to make rapid progress. Certain forms of education are based on repetitive activities of a similar sort. This is another area where an “Intelligent” LMS can offer interactive learning to build and solidify specific skills. 

LMS systems provide a level of monitoring, control and results that are hard in the manual universe. Individual attention, technical advancement and cloud-based systems have enabled tremendous growth in this segment. One might even say that they are an essential part of any education program – academic or corporate. 

TraQiQ offers an excellent set of tools in the TraQLearn product suite. It enables both academic and corporate users to build, maintain and grow their education programs. 

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