Lessons from the Pandemic

How organizations responded to the Corona Virus pandemic provides a useful framework for digital transformation initiatives. 

The Pandemic has created entirely new paradoxes for organizations in the middle of digital transformation projects. For example, some companies had to move from Customer Service agents based in call centers to home-based workers trying help with mission critical problems. Digital transformation must be chartered with solving these types of problems. Solving them needs to be based on solid data and AI-driven insights. The better the data and analytics, the more powerful the customer results. 

Gartner predicts that by 2025, customer service organizations that embed AI in their customer engagement center platforms will increase operational efficiencies by 25%, revolutionizing customer care in the process. Customer service is often where digital transformation strategies fail due to a lack of real-time contextual data and insight. Companies like Amazon have taken the lead in this area using machine learning to allocate human agents. Innovative tools like chatbots, NLP and many other technology solutions are improving processes, data collection and the eventual customer experience.

Similarly, in the world of sales, we have seen a plethora of solutions that have been rolled out in recent times. Tools for video contact, social media for targeting and reaching customers. 

Recent research by Price Waterhouse Cooper found that 78% of consumers were influenced by social media in some way when purchasing. Tools like CRM, online presentations, digital documentation etc. are critical. However, by creating an organizational structure around content and an environment to measure its consumption, buyer interest and purchasing intent can be gauged and influenced to convert sales. With digital transformation now more of a necessity than a choice for global organizations, sales leaders are integral to selling success.

A successful digital transformation strategy is just as much about changing company behaviors to adapt to customer trends, as it is about a shiny new product that promises to radicalize how an organization conducts business. This is where TraQiQ can help businesses identify trends that will impact their business and get ready to serve their customers better. 

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